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Our tools and techniques

Our group, in collaboration with others, set up and developed a unique collection of tools and techniques to study CRC heterogeneity and stem cell dynamics . Furthermore, our lab comprehends the CRISPR platform of the Cancer Center Amsterdam (CCA) for CRISPR applications in oncology. One key characteristic of our group is the highly multidisciplinary composition. Over the years, we have developed a keen interest in, and experience with, bioinformatics and quantitative analysis of biological phenomenon.

Our institute and its facilities

The Vermeulen is located within the Academic Medical Center (AMC) and embedded within the CCA . As a result of the merger of the AMC and the VU Medical Center Amsterdam the CCA is now one of the largest oncology research centers in Europe. Due to the presence of both research and clinical care, CCA has a good position to take an integrated, translational approach in bringing findings from the laboratory into clinical practice. Gastrointestinal oncology has a long-standing tradition in the AMC ranging from basal and pre-clinical research to clinical management of the disease. A high-quality research infrastructure is in place with respect to gastrointestinal malignancies.