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Two new grants from the Dutch Cancer Society

We received two grant from the Dutch Cancer Society to study: Lithium for the prevention of polypsLouis Vermeulen, together with co-applicants Sanne van Neerven and Evelien Dekker, will investigate whether
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Lineage tracing toolkit developed by the Vermeulen Lab featured in Nature

TECHNOLOGY FEATURE: Elusive cancer cells dissected using developmental-biology toolkit Unpicking how cancer stem cells divide and spread could help to explain how tumours grow and evade treatments. See:
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Sanne van Neerven wins the PhD student Award

Sanne van Neerven wins the PhD student Award at the Dutch Society for Stem Cell Research for her talk named ‘Apc-mutant cells act as supercompetitors in intestinal tumour initiation’ See
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Louis Vermeulen wins Ammodo award for his groundbreaking colon cancer research

Louis Vermeulen, Professor of Molecular Oncology at Cancer Center Amsterdam, Amsterdam UMC, is one of eight laureates of the Ammodo Science Awards for 2021. The Ammodo Science Award is awarded
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The colorecal cancer research platform is now available

The CRC platform (part of the larger BBMRI platform) which connects researchers and clinicians by allowing the sharing of clinical samples to exploit available data to its full potential.  See: BBMRI-NL
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Lab outing

We had a great outing this year. On the program we had lama feeding, golfing and BBQing. So much fun to see all colleagues in person again after many months
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